Startseite Kongressberichte 2021 Second Zurich Lung Cancer Symposium

Second Zurich Lung Cancer Symposium, July 5, 2019, University Hospital Zurich

Since 8 years, the Thoracic Oncology Center is a strong pillar of the Comprehensive Cancer Cancer Center Zürich. We could contribute to and witness the extraordinary advances in the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer. Lung cancer screening is becoming a promising method to prevent cancer-related mortality and surgical techniques have been refined addressing small lesions as well as locally advanced disease. In the same time, stereotactic radiotherapy has revolutionized the field of radio-oncology providing results unheard in the past. Molecular pathology and PET-imaging have become an intricate part of lung cancer diagnostics and patients are profiting from staggering advances in personalized therapy and therapy with immune checkpoint inhibitors. With this symposium, which had been recorded by ONCOLETTER, the Thoracic Oncology Center will demonstrate the collaborative spirit within our Center, give an overview on current and evolving standards of diagnosis and treatment and highlight the considerable advances in personalized therapy and immunotherapy, as well as the fruitful exchange with our colleagues at the Shanghai Chest Hospital. 

We apologize for some sound disturbances in the following introductory remarks: