Startseite Kongressberichte & Archiv The 8th Engadin Prostate Cancer Winter Symposium

The 8th Engadin Prostate Cancer Winter Symposium

One of the most disputed topics at the moment is screening for prostate cancer. Is it justifiable and if, how to do it in optimal way? An individual approach for every single patient is clearly needed. We are also confronted with a number of developments in diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer. Still the important questions remain: How to inform about prostate cancer risk and how to treat the individual patient? Is active surveillance a justifiable option? How to deal with high risk PCa and with recurrent disease if primary treatment fails? What is the optimal treatment sequence in advanced prostate cancer?

These topics were discussed in a pro and contra form to give recommendations for the every day practice. On this occasion I would like to thank Dr. Maciej Kwiatkowski and Prof. Tullio Sulser for support and collaboration in preparation to this symposium. I want also to acknowledge the support of the Prostate Cancer Research Foundation.

Franz Recker (see webcast below)