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Presenter: Antonia Digklia


These preliminary results indicate that biweekly administration of nab-PC/gem was well tolerated. The phase I established dose and schedule were selected for further evaluation in phase II trial.


Presenter: Michael Mark


The majority of the pts was treated according to current guideline recommendations with regard to start and interval of BTA treatment. The number of SREs was low irrespective of BTA treatment or risk classification for SREs, which may reflect a high impact of systemic cancer treatment on SRE reduction, or a selection of the pts according to risk factors not defined as the ones in the literature. 


Presenter: Salah-Eddin Al-Batran

Planned Trial

This study evaluates atezolizumab in the perioperative treatment of locally advanced, potentially resectable gastric or GEJ adenocarcinoma in combination with FLOT.
Presenter: Yannis Metaxas


The primary efficacy endpoint was reached with acceptable toxicity. Lurbinectedin showed promising activity compared to historical data. Neither histology nor prior IO seems to affect efficacy of lurbinectedin, but respective pts numbers are small for definitive conclusions. Further evaluation of lurbinectedin in a large randomized trial is warranted.