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ASCO Annual Meeting 2017 Presscast May 17

This presscast below (produced by ASCO) gives an intrduction about press activities at ASCO 2017. The presentation of the studies starts at 7:20. According to the ASCO press release the following studies have been presented in the May 17 presscast:

  • Nut consumption and survival in stage III colon cancer patients: Results from CALGB 89803 (Alliance)(Abstract 3517) (presscast presentation starts at min 7:20) The autors of this study conclude that higher consumption of nuts may be associated with significantly reduced cancer recurrence and death in patients with stage III CC. Read the full release

  • American Cancer Society (ACS) Nutrition and Physical Activity Guidelines after colon cancer diagnosis and disease-free (DFS), recurrence-free (RFS), and overall survival (OS) in CALGB 89803 (Alliance). (Abstract 10006)(presscast presentation starts at min 15:48)
    The autors of this study conclude that Colon cancer patients with a healthy body weight who engaged in physical activity, ate a diet high in whole grains, vegetables, and fruits and low in red/processed meats, and drank moderate alcohol had longer DFS and OS than patients who did not engage in these behaviors. Read the full release

  • Adjuvant capecitabine for biliary tract cancer: The BILCAP randomized study. (Abstract 4006)(presscast presentation starts at min 22:34)
    The autors of this study conclude that capecitabine improves OS in BTC when used as adjuvant and should become standard of care. Read the full release

  • Gefitinib (G) versus vinorelbine+cisplatin (VP) as adjuvant treatment in stage II-IIIA (N1-N2) non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) with EGFR-activating mutation (ADJUVANT): A randomized, Phase III trial (CTONG 1104). (Abstract 8500)(presscast presentation starts at min 28:38)
    The autors of this study conclude that  Adjuvant G significantly prolonged DFS compared with VP in pts with resected stage II-IIIA (N1-N2) NSCLC with EGFR-activating mutation. Adjuvant gefitinib should be considered as an important option for stage II-IIIA lung cancer pts with EGFR mutation. Read the full release

  • Impact of prophylactic human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination on oral HPV infections among young adults in the U.S. (Abstract 6003)(presscast presentation starts at min 34:43)
    The autors of this study conclude that HPV vaccination substantially reduced vaccine-type oral HPV infection prevalence among young adults (ages 18-33 years) in the US population during 2011-2014. However, due to low vaccine uptake, population-level effectiveness was modest overall and particularly low in men. Read the full release

  • Changes in stage at diagnosis of screenable cancers after the Affordable Care Act. (Abstract 6521)(presscast presentation starts at min 41:44)
    The autors of this study conclude that The implementation of the ACA is associated with a shift to early stage at diagnosis for all screenable cancers except prostate cancer, which may reflect the recent US Preventive Services Task Force recommendations against routine prostate cancer screening. Read the full release.