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ASCO Annual Meeting 2017 Presscast June 2

This presscast below has been produced by ASCO. According to the ASCO press release the following studies have been presented in the Friday June 2 “News of the Day” Briefing:

  • Long-term results of a phase II randomized controlled trial (RCT) of a psychological intervention (Conquer Fear) to reduce clinical levels of fear of cancer recurrence in breast, colorectal, and melanoma cancer survivors LBA10000)(presscast presentation starts at min 4:50)
    The autors of this study conclude that Conquer Fear is a theoretically-grounded intervention to reduce FCR and its associated psychological morbidity which leads to significantly greater reductions in FCR in the first 6 months following treatment than relaxation training. Read the full release.
  • Managing cancer and living meaningfully (CALM): A randomized controlled trial of a psychological intervention for patients with advanced cancer. (Abstract LBA10001) (presscast presentation starts at min 11:50)
    The autors of this study conclude that CALM is an effective intervention for patients with advanced cancer that provides a systematic approach to alleviate distress and to address predictable challenges. Read the full release.
  • Web-based stress management for newly diagnosed cancer patients (STREAM): A randomized, wait-list controlled intervention study. (Abstract LBA10002) (presscast presentation starts at min 17:50)
    The autors of this study conclude thatWith STREAM, we open the field of minimal-contact online interventions to newly diagnosed cancer pts and show that an 8-week web-based stress management program is feasible and effective in improving QoL and distress. Read the full release.
  • Temporal trends in chronic disease among survivors of childhood cancer diagnosed across three decades: A report from the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study (CCSS). (Abstract LBA10500)(presscast presentation starts at min 25:50)
    CThe autors of this study conclude thatChanges in childhood cancer treatment protocols have not only extended lifespan for many survivors, but have also reduced the incidence of serious chronic morbidity in this population. Read the full release.
  • Adverse health outcomes in relationship to hypogonadism (HG) after platinum-based chemotherapy: A multicenter study of North American testicular cancer survivors (TCS). (Abstract LBA10012)(presscast presentation starts at min 32:40)
    The autors of this study conclude thatOver a third of TCS have HG at a relatively young age. HG was associated with increased cardiovascular disease risk factors, ED, and PN. SHBG polymorphisms appear important in TCS, but our study was underpowered to confirm an association. Providers should screen TCS for HG and treat those who are symptomatic. Read the full release.
  • SCORAD III: Randomized noninferiority phase III trial of single-dose radiotherapy (RT) compared to multifraction RT in patients (pts) with metastatic spinal canal compression (SCC). (Abstract LBA10004) (presscast presentation starts at min 40:15)
    The autors of this study conclude that Using a single dose of 8Gy in pts with metastatic SCC was as effective as multiple fractions for AS at 8 wks and OS. We now recommend using single dose RT in this setting, with the major benefit of requiring only a single instead of multiple hospital visits, important when considering the short survival in these pts. Read the full release.