Saturday, September 7th Press Briefing

Moderator: Dave Mesko/Webcasts at bottom of page

  • Welcome from co-chairs, Drs Rami-Porta and Rosell introducing any themes of the meeting, including:
    • AI
    • Screening
    • Patient needs/outcomes
  • 20th WCLC highlights, include infographic. P. Bunn
  • STARS Program Announcement, STARS winner (C. Egwuenu), mentor (U.Basu Roy) and surgeon (B. Stiles)
  • IASLC Molecular Testing Survey, M. Smeltzer
  • IASLC Tobacco Declaration (J. Jassem)
  • Lung Ambition Alliance, IASLC, AstraZeneca, GLCC and Guardant (Giorgio Scagliotti)