Startseite Kongressberichte 2019 BCC2019 GenomicHealth interactive satellite symposium in conjunction with the 16th St Gallen International Breast Cancer Conference

Optimizing outcomes in early-stage breast cancer by tailoring the use of chemotherapy

When should we use chemotherapy in early-stage breast cancer?

• Evidence on how to guide chemotherapy treatment decisions

• A debate around patient cases proposed by a renowned panel

Expert Panel:

Prof. Eric Winer, MD, USA: The Role of the 21 Gene Recurrence Score in Decision Making for ER+ Breast Cancer

Prof. Ahmad Awada, Belgium: Optimizing outcome and benefit/risk by tailoring adjuvant chemotherapy in early stage breast cancer

Prof. Antonio Llombart, Spain: How do we manage younger patients?

Prof. Joseph Gligorov, France: Prognosis and/or Prediction - what really matters?

Prof. Ulrike Nitz, Germany: Case Report: node positive patient