Poster Highlights Session: Urothelial Carcinoma - Clinical Trials

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Richard Cathomas, Sacha Rothschild, Stefanie Hayoz, et al.
The authors conclude: The first FAS results for neoadjuvant durvalumab in combination with cis/gem for operable MIUC confirm elevated pathological response rates and demonstrate acceptable safety. Postoperative morbidity is relevant but not exceeding the expected frequency or severity. Clinical trial information: NCT03406650
Matt D. Galsky, Aristotelis Bamias, Jose Angel Arranz Arija, et al.
The authors conclude: This exploratory analysis of IMvigor130 pts with 1L cis–ineligible IC2/3 mUC provides additional evidence for clinical benefit with single-agent atezo, a well-tolerated treatment with a distinct safety profile vs chemo. Analyses with longer OS follow-up are warranted. Clinical trial information: NCT02807636. Research Sponsor: F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd
Yohann Loriot, Thomas Powles, Miguel Ángel Climent Durán, et al.
The authors conclude: Improved OS was observed with avelumab 1L maintenance vs BSC alone irrespective of duration or cycles of 1L chemotherapy received prior to entering the trial. Among patients who stopped 1L chemotherapy prior to 6 cycles, avelumab 1L maintenance still provided an OS benefit. Clinical trial information: NCT02603432. Research Sponsor: Pfizer Inc, Pharmaceutical/Biotech Company
Marc-Oliver Grimm, Bernd Schmitz-Dräger, Uwe Zimmermann, et al.
The authors conclude: TITAN–TCC explores a response-driven use of Nivo+Ipi as an immunotherapeutic “boost”. In first line, this significantly improved ORR compared to the expected response rate of Nivo monotherapy, providing further evidence to the added value of Ipi in combination with Nivo. Further follow-up is ongoing to characterize duration and depth of response. Clinical trial information: NCT03219775. Research Sponsor: Bristol-Myers Squibb
Alison J. Birtle, John D. Chester, Robert J. Jones, et al.
The authors conclude: With additional follow-up, the previously reported DFS benefit for chemotherapy was maintained with no detrimental long-term toxicity. No statistically significant improvement in OS was observed. Clinical trial information: NCT01993979