Poster Highlights Session: Renal Cell Cancer - Clinical Trial Updates

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Yoshihiko Tomita, Robert J. Motzer, Toni K. Choueiri, et al.
The authors conclude A + Ax demonstrated favorable efficacy across age groups, including patients aged ≥75 y. OS was still immature; follow-up for the final analysis is ongoing. The safety profile was generally consistent between age groups. Clinical trial information: NCT02684006.
David Cella, Toni K. Choueiri, Steven I. Blum, et al.
The authors conclude: Patients reported statistically significant HRQoL benefits with N+C versus S. Treatment with N+C significantly reduced the risk of deterioration in HRQoL scores, including in disease-related symptoms of kidney cancer. These results suggest that the superior efficacy of N+C over S comes with the additional benefit of improved HRQoL. Clinical trial information: NCT03141177.
Robert J. Motzer, Toni K. Choueiri, Thomas Powles, et al.
The authors conclude: NIVO+CABO demonstrated improved efficacy and prolonged survival vs SUN in previously untreated aRCC pts regardless of sarcomatoid status. Updated results with extended follow-up will assess the durability of outcomes in this trial. Clinical trial information: NCT03141177.
Nizar M. Tannir, Robert J. Motzer, Laurence Albiges, et al.
The authors conclude: Differential patterns of tumor relapse and disease progression were observed after long-term follow up of patients treated with NIVO+IPI vs SUN in CheckMate 214. NL-only progression occurred more often with NIVO+IPI vs SUN, in particular in the subset of pts who progressed post-response. These patterns may have therapeutic implications. Clinical trial information: NCT02231749.
Elizabeth R. Plimack, Thomas Powles, Jens Bedke,  et al.
The authors conclude: In this exploratory analysis, a significant proportion of patients in the pembrolizumab + axitinib arm completed 2 years of pembrolizumab with ongoing clinical benefit. Clinical trial information: NCT02853331.