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1581O_PR - Estimation of European cancer burden for the year 2020

The abstract concludes: The release of up-to-date cancer incidence and mortality estimates is of great importance to support EU evidence-based cancer policies. The homogeneity of the estimation methods applied throughout Europe guarantees the comparability of the estimated values between countries. Reliable and comparable estimates highlight differences between countries in cancer incidence and mortality, thus facilitating the identification of possible intervention areas. The applied methodology couldn’t take into account the possible impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the projected rates. A future exercise to evaluate the discrepancy between projected and observed rates will allow quantification of this impact.


LBA66_PR - Disparities in access to oncology clinical trials in Europe in the period 2009-2019

The abstract concludes: The number of clinical trials varies greatly among European regions resulting in potential asymmetries in patients' access to clinical trials. The disparities in access to oncology trials need to be addressed by all the stakeholders.


1582O - Developing a real-world outcomes forecast model using matched oncology clinical trials and real world evidence to inform policy-making and reimbursement approaches

The abstract concludes: Forecasting and modeling tools that predict RWCOs would allow policy and pricing stakeholders to better understand financial impacts of RWE-based policy decisions and could mitigate stakeholders’ exposure to down-side financial risks.


1583O - Clinical benefit of cancer drugs approved in Switzerland during the last decade

The abstract concludes: Only around half of the trials supporting marketing authorisation of recently approved cancer drugs in Switzerland meet the criteria for substantial clinical benefit when evaluated with ESMO-MCBS, ASCO-VF or OLUtool. At best, there was only moderate concordance between the grading systems.

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1584O - Health technology assessment (HTA) in England, France and Germany: What do we know about variations in cancer-related HTA outcomes?

The abstract concludes: Our results confirm that variations in HTA outcomes frequently exist. However, cancer-related HTA results seem to be less divergent compared to non-cancer results.