Proffered Paper - Melanoma and other skin tumours

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LBA43 - Spartalizumab plus dabrafenib and trametinib (Sparta-DabTram) in patients (pts) with previously untreated BRAF V600–mutant unresectable or metastatic melanoma: Results from the randomized part 3 of the phase III COMBI-i trial

The abstract concludes: The primary endpoint was not met. Sparta-DabTram did not significantly improve PFS vs PBO-DabTram; analyses interrogating OS benefit are ongoing. AE management was challenging and resulted in frequent dose adaptations.


LBA44 - Lenvatinib (len) plus pembrolizumab (pembro) for advanced melanoma (MEL) that progressed on a PD-1 or PD-L1 inhibitor: Initial results of LEAP-004  

The abstract concludes: The combination of len and pembro has activity in pts with advanced MEL with confirmed progression on a PD-1/L1 inhibitor, including those with PD on combined anti–PD-1/L1 + anti–CTLA-4. The safety profile was consistent with prior studies. These data support len + pembro as a potential regimen for this population of high unmet need.


LBA45 - First report of efficacy and safety from the phase II study SECOMBIT (SEquential COMBo Immuno and Targeted therapy study)

The abstract concludes: At a minimum follow up of 1 year, our data confirm what reported in the pivotal studies. Despite the difference in term of mPFS, the 2-yrs PFS rate is similar among the different arms. The study is still ongoing for the completion of the main endpoint (OS).


LBA46 - Pembrolizumab versus placebo after complete resection of high-risk stage III melanoma: Final results regarding distant metastasis-free survival from the EORTC 1325-MG/Keynote 054 double-blinded phase III trial

The abstract concludes: At 3.5-yr median follow-up, pembrolizumab adjuvant therapy provided a clinically meaningful improvement in DMFS in resected high-risk stage III melanoma pts.


1076O - Adjuvant nivolumab (NIVO) vs ipilimumab (IPI) in resected stage III/IV melanoma: 4-y recurrence-free and overall survival (OS) results from CheckMate 238

The abstract concludes: NIVO continued to demonstrate improved RFS and DMFS vs IPI at 48 mo in pts with stage III/IV melanoma at high risk of recurrence. OS events (n = 211) were lower than anticipated (n = 302). OS rates were similar to NIVO and IPI, although use of subsequent IO therapy was higher in the IPI arm. Late-emergent TRAEs were consistent with the established safety profile of NIVO and IPI, with more events reported with IPI.

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