SARS-CoV-2 and cancer

1558O - COVID-19 vaccine in participants (ptcpts) with cancer: Subgroup analysis of efficacy/safety from a global phase III randomized trial of the BNT162b2 (tozinameran) mRNA vaccine

Stephen J. Thomas, et al.


Tozinameran has similar efficacy/safety in ptcpts with cancer as in the overall population. These results inform tozinameran use in COVID-19 and in future trials in patients with cancer.


1559O - Efficacy and toxicity of BNT162b2 vaccine in cancer patients

Ithai Waldhorn, et al.


Our results indicate the BNT162b2 appear to be safe and effective in cancer patients. There is a pronounced lag in antibody production compared with non-cancer controls, however seroconversion occurred in most patients after the second dose. Future real-world data is warranted to determine the long-term efficacy of the vaccine with regard to type of anti-cancer treatment.


1560O_PR - Prevalence and impact of COVID-19 sequelae on treatment pathways and survival of cancer patients who recovered from SARS-CoV-2 infection

Alessio Cortellini, et al.


Sequelae post-COVID-19 affect up to 15% of patients with cancer and adversely influence survival and oncological outcomes after recovery. SACT adjustments can be safely pursued to preserve oncological outcomes in patients who remain eligible to treatment.


1561O - The future of the oncology workforce since COVID-19: Results of the ESMO Resilience Task Force survey series

Kok Haw Jonathan Lim, et al.


Since COVID-19, oncology professionals have reported increased job demands, concerns over career development/training and job security, and inadequate time for personal life. There is a real threat of potential attrition in the current workforce. National and international stakeholders must act together to ensure robust recovery plans as we emerge from the COVID-19 crisis.