CNS tumours

340O - Radiotherapy is associated with deletion signatures that contribute to poor survival outcomes in cancer patients

Emre Kocakavuk, et al.


Our results collectively suggest that effective repair of RT-induced DNA damage is detrimental to patient survival and that inhibiting c-NHEJ may be a viable strategy for improving the cancer-killing effect of radiotherapy. Taken together, the identified genomic scars as a result of radiation therapy reflect a more aggressive tumor with increased levels of resistance to follow up treatments.


341O - A phase 0 ‘Trigger’ trial of CDK4/6 plus ERK1/2 inhibitors in recurrent glioblastoma

Nader Sanai, et al.


Abemaciclib and LY3214996 achieve pharmacologically-relevant concentrations in Gd-non-enhancing GBM tissue and are associated with suppression of the RB pathway and tumor proliferation. The Optimal Time Interval (OTI) for tissue sampling was 3-5 hours after the final drug dose. Based on this interim analysis, the trial will accrue an additional 25 patients at this OTI.


342O - Intracranial administration of CTLA-4 and PD-1 immune checkpoint blocking monoclonal antibodies in recurrent glioblastoma (rGB): A multi-cohort adaptive phase I clinical trial

Bart Neyns, et al.


Intracranial admin of NIVO +/- IPI in pts with rGB was found to be feasible, safe, and associated with encouraging OS in pts amenable to resection.