Public policy

1501O_PR - Long-term estimates of cancer incidence and mortality for the EU and EFTA countries according to different demographic scenarios

Tadeusz A. Dyba, et al.


The results obtained are of big value in planning health policies for cancer in the EU and EFTA region.


1502O - OncoYoung program: A multidisciplinary program for young cancer patients

Irit Ben-Aharon, et al.


With young adults, treating cancer is only part of the equation. Dedicated comprehensive programs aiming at actively intensifying the supportive care paradigm for young cancer patients carries high potential to improve cancer care.


1503O - Clinical and scientific impact of National Cancer Institute: Sponsored clinical trial network group treatment trials

Joseph M. Unger, et al.


NCTN randomized trials have generated substantial gains in life years for patients with cancer and have enormous influence on the cancer field, as reflected by the extent to which they are cited in other research studies. Collectively the efforts of the NCI network groups have demonstrated the critical role of government-sponsored cancer research in extending the lives of patients with cancer.


1504O - Anti-cancer drug price regulation in India: Financial implications and annual savings to patients

Krishnamani Kalpathi, et al.


Price cuts under NPPA have immensely benefitted patients in India, where most pay out of pocket. Annual savings amount to INR 800 crore. More patients will be empowered to continue treatment. NPPA needs to revise prices of trastuzumab, rituximab, TKIs and immunotherapy too. COVID-19 has led to loss of jobs and erosion of savings, with increments in health expenditure. Cancer care adds to the burden and thus any reduction in prices would be a boon.