Investigational immunotherapy


Bexmarilimab, a novel macrophage re-programmer shows promising anti-tumour activity in phase I/II trial in several last line solid tumour types

P. Bono, et al.


This phase I/II study with Bexmarilimab in patients with advanced solid tumours demonstrates good initial safety and tolerability, and promising anti-tumour activity as a monotherapy in several refractory metastatic solid tumours. Further expansion of the study will investigate optimal dosing, biomarkers of efficacy and Bexmarilimab’s potential for combination with earlier lines of therapy.



Long-term follow-up of patients (pts) with human papillomavirus (HPV)–associated malignancies treated with bintrafusp alfa, a bifunctional fusion protein targeting TGF-_ and PD-L1

J. Strauss, et al.


Bintrafusp alfa showed long-term efficacy (mDOR 17.3 mos, mOS 21.3 mos) and a manageable safety profile in pts with pretreated, ICI-naive HAC, a pt population with a high unmet need. Clinical trials of bintrafusp alfa in HAC are ongoing.



Coordinated Activation of Antitumor Responses of g9d2 and CD8 T Cells by Targeting BTN3A with ICT01 in Patients with Solid Tumors: EVICTION Trial

A. Marabelle, et al.


ICT01-activated g9d2 T-cells orchestrate a broad antitumor immune response that supports cohort expansion.