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Indolent & mantle cell lymphoma - Clinical

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The study authors conclude that these data demonstrate the efficacy and acceptable safety of tisagenlecleucel in patients with r/r FL, including high-risk patients after multiple lines of prior therapy, and suggest that tisagenlecleucel may be a promising therapy for patients with r/r FL.


The study authors conclude that copanlisib plus rituximab (C+R) demonstrated broad and superior efficacy versus rituximab plus placebo (P+R) in patients with relapsed iNHL. The safety profile of C+R was manageable and consistent with C and R as monotherapy. The authors finally conclude that copanlisib is the first PI3K inhibitor to be safely combined with R in relapsed iNHL, representing a potential new therapy option for relapsed iNHL across all subtypes.


The study authors conclude that atezolizumab, obinutuzumab and venetoclax triplet appears to be well tolerated, with no unexpected toxicity brought by the combination, and the ORR at EOI seems to be comparable to other innovative regiments in this setting, with durable responses to date.


The study authors conclude that axicaptagene ciloleucel (Axi-cel) showed a high rate of durable responses in patients with POD24 iNHL, a population with high-risk disease. Efficacy results, as well as safety and pharmacological profiles, appeared largely comparable between groups, with the exception of progression-free survival rates.


The study authors conclude that the combination of zandelisib 60 mg on IS from Cycle 1 and zanubrutinib 80 mg bid is well tolerated and achieves a high ORR in R/R indolent B-cell malignancies.