Startseite Kongressberichte 2021 EHA2021 Virtual Congress Chronic lymphoid malignancies New diagnostic and therapeutic approaches in multiple myeloma and AL amyloidosis

New diagnostic and therapeutic approaches in multiple myeloma and AL amyloidosis

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The study authors conclude that evaluation of CTC in peripheral blood outperformed quantification of tumor burden in bone marrow and was the most relevant prognostic factor at baseline. Attaining undetectable MRD as opposed to CR should be considered as the treatment endpoint in patients with elevated percentages of CTC in peripheral blood. Patients with undetectable CTC at diagnosis and undetectable MRD after treatment intensification showed long-term survival with fixed duration maintenance therapy.


The study authors conclude that isatuximab plus pomalidomide (Isa-Pd) demonstrates a significant improvement in time to next treatment (TTNT) and time from randomization to disease progression on first subsequent therapy or death (PFS2) compared with Pd. A strong trend in overall survival benefit was also seen in the Isa-Pd arm, with approximately 7 mo improvement in median overall survival. The overall safety profile remains unchanged from prior analyses.


The study authors conclude that in this ongoing study the heavily pretreated patients with RRMM, iberdomide plus dexamethasone (IberDd), iberdomide plus bortezomid and dexamethasone (IberVd), and iberdomide plus carfilzomib plus dexamethasone (IberKd) showed a manageable safety profile and promising efficacy including CRs, even among DARA- and BORT-refractory patients. These results support further development of IBER-based regimens in MM, including the initiation of phase 3 combination studies.


The study authors conclude that in patients with heavily pretreated MM, weekly Selinexor plus carfilzomib and dexamethasone  (XKd) is highly active with an ORR of 78% and deep responses (≥VGPR 48%) with overall progression-free survival of 23 months. All AEs, including grade 3/4 thrombocytopenia, can be managed with appropriate supportive care and dose modifications. These data support further investigation of XKd in pts with previously treated MM including those with prior daratumumab treatment.


The study authors conclude that updated results from the ANDROMEDA study further support that in patients with newly diagnosed AL amyloidosis, the daratumumab+ bortezomib, cyclophosphamide, dexamethasone (VCd) combination is clinically superior compared with VCd alone. Following its recent approval, the daratumumab+VCd combination represents a new standard of care for patients with AL amyloidosis.