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Breast Cancer News from Poster Sessions

Impact of 12 weeks nab-paclitaxel + carboplatin or gemcitabine followed by anthracycline administration according to pCR in triple-negative early breast cancer: Survival results of WSG-ADAPT-TN phase II trial. First Author: Oleg Gluz, Breast Center Niederrhein and University Clinics Cologne, Moenchengladbach, Germany

Conclusions:12w nab-paclitaxel/carboplatin is a tolerable and effective neoadjuvant option in early stage TNBC. In ADAPT TN, the strong impact of carboplatin vs. gemcitabine on pCR seems to be “mitigated” regarding survival by subsequent adjuvant anthracycline/cyclophosphamide therapy. Our findings provide first prospective evidence supporting individualized chemotherapy regimens in early TNBC. Clinical trial information: NCT01815242



IMpassion132: A double-blind randomized phase 3 trial evaluating chemotherapy (CT) 6 atezolizumab (atezo) for early progressing locally advanced/metastatic triple-negative breast cancer (mTNBC). First Author: Rebecca Dent, National Cancer Center, Singapore, Singapore