624. Hodgkin Lymphoma and T/NK Cell Lymphoma—Clinical Studies: Immunotherapy in T/NK Cell Lymphoma

Yan Gao, Huiqiang Huang, Xiaoxiao Wang, et al.

Authors Conclusion from the Abstract: Sintilimab plus Chidamide showed a manageable safety profile and yielded effective antitumor activity, durable response in patients with r/r-ENKTL for the first time. It is a promising therapeutic option for this population, especially for those with CPS≥30. Epigenetic strategies synergize with anti-PD-1 antibody may be enhanced antitumor responses to r/r-ENKTL, further investigation is warranted.

Swami P. Iyer, Jie Xu, Melody R. Becnel, et al. 

Authors Conclusion from the Abstract: The combination of Romidepsin and Pembrolizumab in patients with r/r TCL demonstrates an ORR of 50% which was durable and with acceptable safety in pts over the age of 60. Pts achieving CR included those with a diagnosis of ALCL, AITL, and PTCL with TfH phenotype and those expressing higher levels of PD-L1. Moreover, they also maintained a longer duration of response than with prior therapies. Additional studies evaluating the cell of origin expression will be reported at the Annual Meeting.

Steven M. Horwitz, James M. Foran, Michael Maris, et al.

Authors Conclusion from the Abstract: In Parts 1−3, TTI-621 doses of 0.05 to 0.5 mg/kg were well-tolerated and demonstrated single-agent activity in multiple hematologic malignancies. Preliminary data from Part 4 dose optimization indicate that weekly infusions of TTI-621 up to 1.4 mg/kg are well-tolerated without dose-limiting or cumulative thrombocytopenia. Antitumor activity was seen at 1 mg/kg; dose escalation is continuing at 2 mg/kg