652. Multiple Myeloma and Plasma cell Dyscrasias: Clinical and Epidemiological: Challenges in Multiple Myeloma Therapy: Adopting New Approaches for Relapse and Monitor


Jonathan L. Kaufman, Hang Quach, Rachid Baz, et al. 

A tolerable safety profile was observed in t t (11; 14) -selected RRMM patients who were treated with VenDd vs. DVd. Updated analyzes will be presented in the oral session.



Xiang Zhou1*, Andrej Besse2*, Jessica Peter, et al. 

High-dose CFZ (≥ 36 mg / m2) achieved a more effective inhibition of the proteasome by blocking the β5 and β2 subunits. Inadequate inhibition of the β2 subunit was achieved with low-dose CFZ. The authors thus prove that high-dose CFZ could regain the response in RRMM patients - resistant to low-dose CFZ - by co-inhibiting the β2 subunit activity of the proteasome complex.



Sarah Goldman-Mazur,  Alissa Visram, S Vincent Rajkumar, et al. 

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Tarek H. Mouhieddine, Oliver Van Oekelen, Darren Pan, et al. 

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