623. Mantle Cell, Follicular, and Other B-Cell Lymphomas: Clinical and Epidemiological: Front-line Induction Therapy and Novel Agents After Relapse


Vincent Ribrag, Violaine Safar, Hanneke Kluin-Nelemans, et al.

In patients responding to induction immunochemotherapy, R2M is better than RM for PFS but not for OS. Safety data in the R2M arm show higher toxicity.



Olivier Hermine, Linmiao Jiang, Jan Walewski, et al.

The results on the first-line treatment of MCL patients under 66 years of age confirm the previously observed, significantly prolonged TTF due to the addition of high-dose ARA-C within a further median follow-up period of 5 years. With their data, the authors suggest that some patients can be functionally cured by optimal first-line treatment and may question future chemotherapy-free strategies in MCL.



Michael Wang, Nirav N. Shah, Alvaro J. Alencar, et al.

In heavily pretreated MCL with a poor prognosis after several previous lines of therapy, the well-tolerated (and with a wide therapeutic index) pirtobrutinib showed promising efficacy. Updated data will be presented in the oral session.



Amitkumar Mehta, Marek Trněný, Jan Walewski, et al.

Monotherapy with parsaclisib resulted in a rapid and sustained response. Parsaclisib had an acceptable safety profile and was generally well tolerated by BTK inhibitor-naïve patients with R / R-MCL. The authors' data suggest that parsaclisib could be a potential treatment option for patients with R / R-MCL.



Martin Dreyling, Eva Hoster, Kamal Bouabdallah, et al.

The addition of bortezomib resulted in R-HAD increasing the time to treatment failure. This was mainly due to higher response rates. Relevant differences or long-term effects in terms of survival or toxicities were not observed.



Maria Chiara Tisi, Luca Nassi, Caterina Patti, et al.

R-BAC has sustained efficacy over time in elderly patients with newly diagnosed MCL, with a median OS of over 60 percent at 7 years. Thus, this regimen, which compared favorably to any other reported immunochemotherapy regimen (with or without maintenance therapy) in similar populations, has significantly affected the life expectancy of elderly patients with MCL.