623. Mantle Cell, Follicular, and Other B-Cell Lymphomas: Clinical and Epidemiological: Evolution of Immunotherapeutic Regimens in B-cell Lymphomas


L. Elizabeth Budde, Laurie H. Sehn, Matthew Matasar, et al.

With Mosun, high response rates are achieved in patients with 3L + R/R FL, including patients with POD24 and/or double refractory disease (ORR: 78.9%; CR: 57.8%), in the majority of patients 12 months. Mosun induces deep and permanent remissions with a manageable safety profile. The C1 step-up dosing effectively attenuates CRS and thus allows treatment without mandatory hospitalization. The study authors conclude that Mosun is an active new therapy for 3L + R/R FL.



Franck Morschhauser, Carmelo Carlo-Stella, Michael Dickinson, et al.

Glofitamab SUD monotherapy or combined with obinutuzumab achieved high response rates in patients with heavily pretreated R/R FL, including high-risk subgroups. They were comparable to the CAR-T on R/ R FL data. With a manageable safety profile of glofitamab, CRS events were mostly of low grade and mainly occurred in C1 and C2. Further analyzes will be presented in the oral session.



Franck Morschhauser, Mark Bishton, Toby A. Eyre, et al.

Encouraging preliminary anti-lymphoma activity has been observed in M + Len with an acceptable safety profile in patients with R / R FL with at least one prior line of therapy. Updated data on safety, efficacy and pharmacokinetics will be presented in the oral session.



Tycel Phillips, Michael Dickinson, Franck Morschhauser, et al.

With manageable and low-grade CRS rates, glofitamab SUD as Gpt monotherapy induced high response rates in patients with MCL. Most had previously failed BTKi therapy. ICANS-like AEs were rare, mild, and resolved within a day. There were no discontinuations of treatment due to AE. Further analyzes will be presented in the oral session.



Catherine Thieblemont, Michael Dickinson, Joaquin Martinez-Lopez, et al.

Tisagenlecleucel produced high ORR and CRR and was associated with sustained response and promising 12 month PFS in patients with r/r FL and 2+ previous lines of therapy. The median follow-up was 17 months.



Elizabeth Budde, Ajay K Gopal, Won Seog Kim, et al.

IGM-2323 shows an excellent safety and tolerability profile up to 1000 mg with clinical activity across several histologies. The incidence of CRS was reduced when IGM-2323 was administered on a dose titration schedule. Updated safety, PK, biomarker, and efficacy data, including full dose-escalation data, will be presented in the oral session.