626. Aggressive Lymphomas Prospective Therapeutic Trials: Novel Agents and Combinations

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Jeremy S. Abramson, Amy S. Ruppert, Sharmila Giri, et al.

When DA-EPOCH-R was combined with venetoclax, increased treatment-related mortality was observed in DHL patients compared to DA-EPOCH-R alone. This led to a premature discontinuation of the accrual and venetoclax treatment. The study authors therefore advise against combining Venetoclax with DA-EPOCH-R in DHL. Prospective studies in DHL patients are feasible. Positive results to date in the DA-EPOCH-R arm can serve as a benchmark for future studies.



Mark Roschewski, James D. Phelan, Stefania Pittaluga, et al.

Updated clinical results within genetic subtypes are presented at the oral session.



Martin Hutchings, Anna Sureda, María José Terol, et al.

Glofit plus Pola showed encouraging preliminary efficacy in R/R-DLBCL. The study authors judged the safety to be tolerable without any new safety signals for this combination. CRS and NAE were restricted to Gr 1 or 2. The safety profile was consistent with that of the individual drugs. Updated data will be presented at the oral session.


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Moshe Y. Levy, Deepa Jagadeesh, Zhanet Grudeva-Popova, et al.

Nara + RTX resulted in a sustained response with good OR and CR rates and good QoL results. The treatment was well tolerated and the safety profile is manageable. The combination demonstrated full  CD37 target engagement. The study authors see Nara + RTX as an attractive option for treating patients with R/R B-NHL.


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John M. Burke, Gustavo Fonseca, Wojciech Jurczak, et al.

In the DLBCL arm of UNITY-NHL, the U2 plus Benda triplet combination was active and well tolerated. Umbra monotherapy and U2 were also well tolerated. However, a lower ORR was observed here than in the U2 + Benda arm.


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Michael Wang, Matthew Mei, Paul M. Barr, et al.

Zilovertamab Vedotin targets the ROR1 signaling pathway. In this study, the substance shows a tolerable safety profile and promising antitumor activity in patients with R/R NHL.