624. Hodgkin Lymphomas and T/NK cell Lymphomas: T/NK Cell Lymphoma Frontline Clinical Trials


Alex F. Herrera, Jasmine Zain, Kerry J. Savage, et al.

The authors conclude that in patients with mostly non-ALCL CD30 expressing PTCL, CHEP-BV (+/- ASCT) followed by BV consolidation was tolerable as well as effective.



Adding Romidepsin to CHOEP in First Line Treatment of Peripheral T-Cell Lymphomas Does Not Improve the Response Rate: Final Analysis of Phase II PTCL13 Study

Annalisa Chiappella, Cristiana Carniti, Alessandro Re, et al.

The study data showed that the addition of romidepsin to CHOEP did not improve the prognosis in newly diagnosed PTCLs for which HSCT is indicated.



Steven M. Horwitz, Kerry J. Savage, Tim Illidge, et al.

In this large prospective dataset of patients with PTCL, the 5 year study results show a generally consistent benefit of A + CHP over CHOP in all subgroups and for the ITT population. In addition, ECHELON-2 has redefined the efficacy outcomes for this population. It thus provides important benchmark data for future studies.



David Sibon, Sherine Khater, Julie Bruneau, et al.

BV-CHP was well tolerated in this first prospective phase 2 study dedicated to EATL. There were high response rates observed. As a result, the majority of the patients could be transplanted. The authors of the study conclude that the novel therapeutic approach shows promising efficacy compared to historical controls.


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Gao Yan, Yujing Zhang, Xiaoxiao Wang, et al.

For the first time in newly diagnosed ENKTL, effective antitumor activity was observed with Sintilimab plus Chidamid. The toxicities were manageable. The authors conclude that this could be a promising chemotherapy-free induction therapy for this population. In particular for patients in the early stages.


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Jia Ruan, Alison J. Moskowitz, Neha Mehta-Shah, et al.

Oral azacitidine (CC486) priming in combination with CHOP as initial therapy is safe and effective. It leads to sustained remission in the PTCL-TFH subtype. Epigenetic priming with azacitidine appears to inhibit the proliferation of TFH lymphoma cells. This suggests a potentially synergistic mechanism of action with chemotherapy.