627. Aggressive Lymphomas: Clinical and Epidemiological: Real World evidence for CAR-T Management I


Geoffrey Shouse, Andy Kaempf, David Yashar, et al.

CIRS is predictive. The authors identify a composite index comprising four CIRS organ systems that has prognostic significance for r / r DLBCL in CAR-T recipients. More info in the abstract.



Frederick L. Locke, Caron Jacobson, Long Ma, PhD, et al.

No poorer Axi-cel efficacy results were observedt at ≥65 years of age, despite higher CRS and ICANS rates. Therefore, performance status, rather than age, should be considered in patient selection and treatment decisions.



Robin Sanderson, Andrea Kuhnl, Eleni Tholouli, et al.

For more info see abstract.



Imran Nizamuddin, Kevin A. David, Jonathon B. Cohen, et al.

For more info see abstract.



L. Elizabeth Budde, Adam J. Olszewski, Sarit Assouline, et al.

In heavily pretreated R/R aggressive B-NHL patients, including patients with previous CAR-T therapy, according to the study authors, M-Pola has promising efficacy and a favorable safety profile. The CRS rate was low and the majority were grade 1.



Yohei Funakoshi, Kimikazu Yakushijin, Goh Ohji, et al.

The antibody-mediated response to vaccination in patients after treatment with anti-CD20 antibodies was significantly impaired over a long period of time. For more info see abstract.