Saturday, December 7: CAR-T and Beyond: Therapeutic Advances for the Treatment of Blood Cancers

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Stephen J Schuster, Nancy L Bartlett, Sarit Assouline, Sung-Soo Yoon, et al.
CONCLUSION M has favorable tolerability and durable efficacy in pts with heavily pre-treated R/R B-cell NHL, including CRs in pts with disease progression after CAR-T therapies. Preliminary data support the possibility for re-treatment with M.

Jode P Goodridge, Sajid Mahmood, Huang Zhu, Svetlana Gaidarova, et al.

CONCLUSION Together, these studies demonstrate FT596 provides a multi-antigen targeting, potent and persistent engineered immune cell that is derived from a master iPSC line which utilizes the intrinsic versatility of NK cells to enable a highly effective combination therapy in a single, standardized, scalable, off-the-shelf platform and supports the rational for a first-of-kind Phase I Study as a monotherapy and in combination with CD20-targeted mAbs including rituximab in subjects with relapsed/refractory B-cell lymphoma and leukemia.


Deepu Madduri, Saad Z. Usmani, Sundar Jagannath, Indrajeet Singh, et al.

CONCLUSION Collectively these results demonstrate that JNJ-4528 at a target dose of 0.75x106 CAR+ cells/kg delivers early and deep responses, including MRD negativity in all evaluable pts tested, with a manageable safety profile in pts with refractory MM. The safety and efficacy results from the ongoing CARTITUDE-1 study are consistent with the LEGEND-2 study and confirm the 0.75x106 CAR+ cells/kg dose as the RP2D for further clinical development.


Chenggong Li, Heng Mei, Yu Hu, Tao Guo, et al. 

CONCLUSION Our study demonstrates an improved efficacy with the bivalent BM38 CAR-T therapy for RRMM with a high ORR, especially a higher rate and a longer duration of sCR and effective elimination for extramedullary lesions. No neurotoxicity was observed. CRS and other toxicities were manageable. These initial data provide strong evidence to support the further development of the dual-target CAR-T therapy for RRMM.