Startseite Kongressberichte 2020 61st ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition Press Briefings Monday, December 9 (embargoed until Tuesday 7:30 AM EST):

Monday, December 9: Late-Breaking Abstracts

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Patrick A. Brown, et al. 

Conclusion cited from the abstract: For children and AYA patients with HR/IR first relapse of B-ALL, blinatumomab is superior to standard chemotherapy as post-reinduction consolidation prior to HSCT, resulting in fewer and less severe toxicities, higher rates of MRD response, greater likelihood of proceeding to HSCT and improved disease-free and overall survival. Patients remain in follow up, and prospectively defined analyses of longer-term outcomes will be forthcoming.


Press release: Immunotherapy Superior to Chemotherapy for Children with Relapsed B-ALL



Conclusion cited from the abstract: The Phase 3 Cardinal study shows that sutimlimab, a first-in-class selective inhibitor of the CP, has a rapid and sustained treatment effect in CAD by preventing hemolysis, significantly increasing Hb, and improving QOL (FACIT-F). These results demonstrate that targeting the CP represents a novel, effective therapeutic approach for the management of CAD and indicate that sutimlimab has the potential to change treatment practices for patients with this condition.


Andrew H. Wei, et al. 

Conclusion cited from the abstract: CC-486 is the first therapy used in the maintenance setting to provide statistically significant and clinically meaningful improvements in both OS and RFS in pts with AML in remission following induction chemotherapy, with or without consolidation. Oral CC-486 has a manageable safety profile and represents a new therapeutic standard for pts with AML in remission.


Press release: New Drug Markedly Improves Overall Survival in Patients with AML in Remission


Conclusion cited from the abstract: The integration of mutational and expression data from a large cohort of adult pan myeloid leukemia cases enabled the definition of subtypes and constellations of mutations and have prognostic significance that transcends prior gene panel-based classification schema.


Conclusion cited from the abstract: These data demonstrate successful and sustained engraftment in three adult patients treated with LVV-delivered shmiR technology targeting BCL11A. Early results suggest an acceptable safety profile, validation of BCL11A as effective target for HbF induction in humans with high numbers of F cells in circulation containing high levels of HbF per F cell, and mitigation of cellular pathology of SCD.


Press release: Encouraging Results Seen with Novel Approach to Gene Therapy for Sickle Cell Disease 


Conclusion cited from the abstract: KdD resulted in a significant PFS benefit over Kd, with a 37% reduction in the risk of progression or death. Pts treated with KdD achieved deeper responses, with a nearly 10-times higher MRD negative-complete response rate vs Kd-treated pts. The PFS benefit of KdD was maintained across prespecified clinically important subgroups, particularly among LEN-exposed and LEN-refractory pts. AEs were generally manageable and the incidence of AEs leading to treatment discontinuation was similar in the arms. Overall, KdD was associated with a favorable benefit-risk profile and represents an efficacious new regimen for RRMM, including for LEN-exposed and/or LEN-refractory pts.


Press release: Triple Drug Combination Delays Disease Progression in People with Stubborn Multiple Myeloma