I-Care for MDS: Development of Guidelines-Based Indicators for Appropriate Care in Adult Patients with Myelodysplastic Syndromes

Kristina Stojkov, Tobias Silzle, Georg Stussi, David Schwappach, et al. and Presenter Nicolas Bonadies.


Conclusions: Here we report on the development of relevant GBIs for the management of adult MDS patients covering the domains of Diagnostics, Treatment and Provider characteristics. Our preliminary set GBIs represents the most comprehensive integration of current practice based G&Rs and were developed by a structured consensus process involving internationally acknowledged experts. We identified important shortcomings in standardisation, measurability and practicability, especially for PROs and TAs, which asks for improvements in the future. Even though PROs and TAs are generally acknowledged endpoints for efficacy and safety, respectively, they are yet not standardised outside clinical trials or validated to inform routine MDS care. Our preliminary set of GBIs will be tested for applicability/operability as well as validated for their potential impact on relevant outcomes in MDS cohorts. They will eventually enable to systematically monitor, compare and optimize appropriateness of health care provided to MDS patients in everyday clinical practice. As such, GBIs will be important for the realization of a common standard for value-based medicine in economically driven health care systems with limiting resources.