624. Hodgkin Lymphoma and T/NK Cell Lymphoma—Clinical Studies: Immunotherapy Approaches in Hodgkin Lymphoma

Conclusion cited from the abstract: 

Although the study did not meet its primary endpoint, our data demonstrate that 3 cycles of PEM is highly active in pts with newly diagnosed early unfavorable or advanced stage cHL. PEM monotherapy resulted in > 90% reduction in TMV in the majority of pts, and when followed by AVD x’s 2, CR in 100%. No pts have experienced progression or change of therapy to date and treatment was overall very well tolerated. This radiotherapy- and bleomycin-free approach warrants further investigation in larger trials to confirm response rates and assess efficacy compared with other novel combinations in the frontline setting.




Conclusion cited from the abstract: Concomitant and sequential therapy with nivolumab and AVD is feasible with acceptable toxicity. In early-stage unfavorable cHL, concomitant Nivo-AVD induces a high early CR rate. The interim CR rate observed with 4x nivolumab monotherapy is higher than previously reported in relapsed or advanced-stage disease. The primary endpoint and initial PFS data will be reported at the meeting.



Conclusion cited from the abstract: Elderly HL remains an unmet clinical need. These data suggest that BV + Nivo is an active treatment with an encouraging CR rate (72%) and appears well tolerated in these patients. These results also suggest that with further follow-up and validation, treatment with BV + Nivo may improve patient outcomes. Enrollment in this cohort is complete (21 subjects), with 7 subjects continuing to receive treatment. 


Conclusion cited from the abstract: BV + Nivo, both staggered and current dosing, showed tolerability and high CR rates with durable remissions among pts with R/R cHL. Analysis of blood biomarkers identified trends potentially linking baseline levels of CD30+ immune cells and the baseline pt inflammatory state with the activity of BV + Nivo. Together, these encouraging results support further investigation of BV + Nivo as initial salvage therapy in pts with R/R cHL.



Conclusion cited from the abstract: PET-adapted nivo followed by NICE in patients without CR is a well-tolerated and effective first salvage approach in pts with RR HL. In our cohort, nivo alone was an effective bridge to ASCT in a majority of pts, sparing them the toxicity of traditional salvage chemotherapy. Pts who did not achieve CR with nivo were effectively salvaged by NIVO+ICE



Conclusion cited from the abstract: With a median of 39.5 mo of follow-up, pembro continued to demonstrate clinically important antitumor activity in pts with R/R cHL. In the total population and in pts with different treatment histories, ORRs were high and responses were durable. Second-course pembro was able to re-induce remission in most patients who previously reached CR. Safety was manageable, and no unexpected AEs occurred.